34 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

Week 34! We are inching closer and closer to our sweet boy’s arrival. This week we finished up everything around the house and got his little corner of our room set up! Birth Center bag is packed aside from the last minute daily use things I need to throw in! We are just waiting now! Next week starts my weekly appointments and then soon we will be officially on baby watch! It is the final few weeks and I am in shock. I think back to when I first sat down to type out one of these updates and it just did not even feel real, now we are 34 weeks in and while it still feels surreal it also feels like so much time has passed in really no time at all. Levi is baking away and head down!! He tends to wiggle more at night or right after someone is trying to get him to wiggle! He already has opinions and its pretty cute. I feel amazing and not much has changed on this end! My bloodwork is still being monitored so we are just praying nothing dips too low or pops up unexpectedly these last few weeks (so prayers for that), I am not a fan of needles so that has been an adjustment getting my blood drawn so often BUT in the end I am just grateful to be carrying this sweet boy and I find myself reminding myself that he is nothing short of a miracle so I am keeping it all in perspective. I am super grateful he is head down and all of the hanging upside everyday spinning babies techniques have been worth it and I will continue all of that up until delivery! This week I also shared my go to maternity wear staples! Now that I am towards the end of my pregnancy I wanted to share what I quite literally have been living in the last nine ish months! I was blessed with a ton of maternity hand me downs so that helped narrow my favorites because quality pieces last over time and knowing they still were in good shape even after multiple pregnancies reassured me that investing in some more would be worth it!! I will include the graphic and my size info for reference below! Stay tuned for what is in our birth bag and our newborn essentials!

As always,

Thank you for following along on our journey to #rookierod !



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