33 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

SINGLE DIGITS!! WE ARE IN THE SINGLE DIGITS!! How freaking wild is that?! Even if Levi waits until the absolute end of 42 weeks to show up, it’ll still be in less than 10 weeks from now. That is absolutely insane to think about. This week was a busy one! We had our virtual sprinkle for our sweet boy and are so grateful for everyone who took the time to love on him from afar! Obviously, we wish that we could have partied in person BUT we are just thankful nonetheless and hopefully can have something once he’s earth side!! Here are some photos from that! It was a sweet day celebrating our sweet boy!

Other happenings this week included more trips to see our midwife and get my blood levels rechecked! Everything looks pretty normal now and we are so thankful for that! We will have everything rerun at 36 weeks just to triple check that the supplements and added protein into my diet are helping! I will go into more details in a future blog post, but it was a crazy week! We go back this week for a normal visit, and starting at 36 weeks, we will be once a week visitors which makes me so excited! We are almost there!! We officially have nothing left to do before he arrives other than wait for some packages to make their way so our mattress can finally be delivered (HA SHIPPING) but other than that, we officially have everything! Our birth center bag is packed and I will share in next week’s post what all we are bringing! Just super ready to soak in these last few weeks! Just a short update this week! Will share more next!

As always,

thank you for tuning in!



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