32 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

32. Here we are! The last eight weeks or so of pregnancy. It is a bittersweet time! He is growing perfectly and just cooking until he is ready to join us earth side. I am just praying he stays cozy in there for as long as he needs, and still just really grateful this pregnancy has been possible and so precious. This week was a busy one as we got all of the last minute stuff to prep for sweet little Levi. We made padsicles and organized my postpartum basket for the bathroom! We also washed and organized the first few outfits and swaddles that he will need! We also prepped our and packed our birth bag and got everything we need in there except the last minute items like chargers and some more snacks! Now it is just a matter of waiting. I did want to link everything for the padsicles and what I have for postpartum though! I got a bunch of questions for direct links to stuff so I wanted to make sure there was a place I could easily send you!

Padsicles. While totally not necessary, they are pretty amazing. I used to use padsicles when I would have horrible periods and just needed some relief down there. I also would help make them for former doula clients! Even if you end up not using them, they are super easy and nice to have around just in case…BUT they do have to be prepped in advance.

Below I have included what I buy as well as the how to! Link are all under the photo!




FridaMom Witch Hazel:


Always Overnight Pads (usually I love the L brand but for the sake of padsicles I have found these work the best):


A bigger size in my favorite ALL COTTON undies:


ALSO!! I would recommend buying one of these !!

FridaMom Peri Bottle:


It is just way more convenient than a regular peri bottle and less of a hassle for postpartum cleaning!

I also have these ( https://www.target.com/p/always-discreet-overnight-maximum-plus-absorbency-incontinence-38-postpartum-incontinence-underwear-s-m-16ct/-/A-75664188#lnk=sametab ) for immediate postpartum when the bleeding is going to be at its heaviest!

I got a little basket and stuck everything in there (besides for the padsicles, those are in the deep freezer), and stuck the basket in the bathroom for easy access postpartum!

While I was gathering those links, I noticed that FridaMom also has a pre made padsicle kit that you can purchase (https://www.target.com/p/frida-mom-instant-ice-maxi-pad/-/A-76199077#lnk=sametab) , I haven’t tried them specifically BUT all of their other products are spot on! So maybe if you want the benefits of a padsicle without the hassle of making them yourself, you could always try these! I may get some just to see how they compare!

I think that is everything! I will include in next week’s blog post links to everything we are packing in our birth bag and our checklists for that! Hope this was helpful!

As always,

Thank you for following along!



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