31 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

31 Weeks!! The countdown is on! 6 more weeks till it is safe to have a baby and 11 weeks until baby “has to be” OUT! We are in the final countdown and things are feeling stupid surreal and I am feeling down right giddy. We are physically prepped as we are going to be for this sweet boy’s arrival and now just enjoying our last few weeks as a family of four before he is here hanging out with us everyday. It is such a strange time if I am being honest. This pregnancy feels like it went by in the blink of an eye and I keep finding myself willing this last few weeks to just move a little slower. As much as I cannot wait to meet this little dude who has been growing inside of me, I am going to miss him growing safe and snug so much. I find myself thinking back to the beginning of this pregnancy often and how dumbfounded we were that it was even happening. It wasn’t supposed to be possible, Levi wasn’t supposed to be possible, but here we are… God proving over and over again that He can do the impossible. Every morning when I wake up and see this sweet growing belly it is the sweetest reminder of God’s faithfulness and promises to us. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if this was a “fluke” for lack of a better word or if this will ever happen again and so each morning I thank Him over and over for giving us this precious gift and letting my body carry this perfect little boy.

In terms of a “bump date” I don’t have a ton to report, according to most baby apps little man is the size of a coconut and chilling *hopefully still* head down. I am still feeling absolutely amazing, like I think it gets even better as the weeks go on and I didn’t even think that was plausible, each week is just sweeter and sweeter. Each night as I do my spinning babies stretches I give him a pep talk to stay head down and keep crushing it at being the best baby (you laugh but he can totally hear me and so far I think it helps HA). This week I also enlisted the hubs to help me rearrange the whole house and get everything situated so that was actually a lot of fun. If you have been around for a while you know I think a full nursery for a newborn is a huge waste of space and time (fun to decorate but impractical otherwise) so we focused more on functionality and practicality. We set up our little Levi stations in the main rooms and have his corner of our room set up! Since it is the safest per the AAP, he will sleep in our room for at least his first six months (more than likely longer) so his crib and everything is set up in there! We are waiting on a couple of decor pieces to still arrive (thanks USPS) so when they do, I will photograph the area and share! My favorite though is the fact that the end table we have in the living room has the perfect cabinet that has made for the best baby command central, because let’s be real…he is going to be changed wherever, however…newsflash babies don’t need a changing table! I digress. Nevertheless, this little buddy was the perfect convincing for dad to finish up all of the honey do’s on his list and the house is cozy and we are content in preparation for L’s arrival.

I go again this week to check on him and see my kick ass birth team…they are hands down one of the best parts of pregnancy. Those ladies are THE BEST. I have some follow up bloodwork to check a few things and make sure my body is still doing what it needs to in order to get this sweet boy out safely and healthily. In the upcoming weeks I will pack our birth center bag, we have our virtual shower, and we will just be soaking up the days. Such a sweet season. I have been compiling my thoughts and will get them all written out here soon about how excited yet sad we are that this pregnancy is almost over. It is bittersweet but we are eternally beyond grateful.

As always, from the bottom of my heart…thank you for keeping up with us on this journey! Soon these weekly posts will be milestone updates instead of bump dates and that is just WILD!!



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