30 weeks!! #rookierod #bumpdate

30 weeks!! HOLY CRAP. Honestly, I don’t even have the words. This pregnancy is flying by and it makes me so sad to think about because I love having this sweet boy snug and safe inside. I feel like I blinked and 30 weeks just flew by. It is a weird feeling to say the least. This week we sat down and wrote out our birth wishlist and started on our birth center packing list! Did I mention it is still so surreal that he could be here in as little as 7 weeks from now?! Granted we hope he stays cooking for at least another 9-10 weeks but with babies you just never know, ya know?! So to say the least, we are making sure everything is in order! We booked the boys (Beau and Bear) their hotel stay for while we are birthing Levi and I had some questions about how we did that! Our sweet vet offers a boarding hotel program and when we called to book they already knew we are expecting and that we were going to be due sometime in March so they just had us fill out some info and they reserved a suite for the boys for the month of March that way whenever Levi decides to arrive we can just swing by on the way to the birth center (they are pretty close to each other distance wise) and drop them off! All we have to pack for them is their lovies and favorite toys, the vet will do the rest! We decided to board them instead of having someone stay with them because they are used to going to the vet for their spa days and daycare so they are already familiar with and love that place. That way when they get picked up they’ll be coming home to a new brother vs. being at home without us and being too worked up when we get home. We just booked two nights so we won’t be away from them for too long, honestly we have never spent the night away from them so it is going to be a weird thing for us but we know it is what’s best especially wanting to get Levi settled at home before having him meet his fluffy big brothers. With all of that being said, the only thing left to check off our list is to pack the actual bag and just wait for sweet L to be here!

In the events of preparing, I have added in nightly positioning stretches into my routine! These usually take around 10-15 minutes so it is nothing crazy. My hope is to give Levi the best setup for entering my pelvis! It honestly is super relaxing too and I feel like it’s a fun bonding between him and I. Come week 32, I will add in birth ball bouncing and raspberry leaf tea! I really love this whole process and it has been a blast to be so in tune with my body and the sweet life it is growing. I also know that you can be as prepared as possible and birth can still happen however so hence why my birth plan is a wishlist instead and these things I’m doing are for just trying to give my body the best setup as possible! Either way the end goal is still getting Levi earth side as safely and happily as possible and we are STOKED.

As you know, I am now seeing my sweet midwife and birth team every other week and will continue to do so until 35ish weeks when I will start going every week! I really love that time with them so it has been the best experience. I do have some more bloodwork at my next visit to double check some things so I have been a little anxious about those results, but my midwife has reassured me that it is most likely nothing and that she just wants to be extra sure. So I will share more about that once results are back! This pregnancy has been a miracle and nothing short of a dream so I am just praying and trusting in whatever God has store for these last few weeks!

I will keep everyone updated and as always, thank you so much for following along! Cheers to week 30!!



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