29 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

29 weeks!

I feel like the weeks just keep flying by!

This week was just a lot of prep work for sweet boy’s arrival. We got the rest of our SIZE ONE Esembly baby diapers in, which means we now have our diaper stash from 7-17 pounds (roughly newborn size to about six or so months old) and we started to sort through which swaddles and outfits we will want out right away! We also got in our baby book, (we are using The Short Years one and it is so BIG and will grow with him till kindergarten) which as you all know I love documenting life so I am so excited to keep up with all of that for him to look back on. We also bought a new car! I was driving the Nissan rouge previously and while it is a great car and great for carseats and storage…it just isn’t quite big enough for our four carseat entourage SO we upgraded and added a third row and I feel way better now that everyone has a safe spot in the car! The final countdown is nearing and it definitely still feels so surreal to think about. He could come anywhere between 8-12 weeks from now and that just blows my mind. We have a virtual baby shower set and physically we are as prepped as we can be! I am still working out everyday and on top of nightly yoga and pelvic stretches, will start to add in raspberry leaf tea and birth ball exercises around week 32!! We are in the home stretch and super excited! Starting this week I see my midwife and her team every other week as we get closer to the arrival of Levi and I’m not kidding when I say the weeks are just flying by at this point. I will say, I am so so stoked to have him here with us but a part of me is also sad at thinking about the fact that I won’t be pregnant anymore. I feel like it just all is going by so fast. I truthfully haven’t felt better than I do being pregnant with this little love and I am going to miss this sweet little bump and little boy inside and also all of the joys that came along with pregnancy. With that being said, I am getting pumped for birth though! It is going to be such a party and fun experience!!

Our goal is to have all of the “stuff” done by 34 weeks so we can just relax and soak up the last few weeks of growing this sweet boy! We are still waiting on a couple things to finish up his little area (USPS will hopefully get it to us before he’s here so fingers crossed) and then we just have to pack our birth center bag! I will absolutely share what we are bringing as soon as I get that done!! For those keeping up with baby stats, I will update next weekend! As of the last appointment he is still growing perfectly, measuring big and getting settled into the best position for labor and delivery! I am feeling amazing and growing so that is always good news and Dad is getting anxious to see this little guy’s face!! Third trimester is rocking and rolling (and still so far my absolute favorite!!)

As always,

thank you so much for following along and loving our sweet little dude already!



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