28 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

Good morning!! Happy 2021! This new year is already off to such a sweet start! We are in the third trimester and final stretch of this pregnancy and that is such a crazy feeling! I feel like this is all flying by and it makes me kinda sad! I have loved having sweet Levi growing inside of me and as excited as I am to have him here with us, a part of me is going to miss these sweet days of pregnancy. This week not much has changed, today is my LAST day (WOOHOO) of testing my blood sugar and I have to admit it was not as horrid as I thought it was going to be! I had a checkup with my midwife and now start going every two weeks until he is here! How bananas is that!! I did ask this week what questions you guys wanted me to answer and so I am going to touch base on a few of those today! I will share our birth game plan and everything related to that closer to delivery just because I think that deserves a post all on its own! Majority of the questions were in regards to which trimester has been my favorite so far and recapping the second trimester so I am just going to dive right in!

First trimester as you all know was weird. I like knew I was pregnant (obviously) but no one could tell and I didn’t “feel pregnant” so that was a little anxiety inducing. Everyday was this weird internal monologue of waiting for something to be wrong because nothing was changing so all in all it was a strange time. I remember sitting and telling Austin “I just want some sort of symptom or something to be like HELLO THERE IS A BABY IN THERE” because feeling “normal” or honestly better than “normal” was odd. All in all, it was nice having my hormones and body not hate me for once!

Second trimester was a breeze. I loved starting to be able to feel him move and slowly see a small bump. It was filled with excitement of announcing his gender and getting everything prepped for when he is here. We tackled a lot of prep during the second trimester that way we wouldn’t have a ton to do come third, because we really just want to enjoy these last few weeks of just us before he arrives. The second trimester also brought along so much joy in getting to see him via ultrasound for the last time (gosh willing nothing changes) and to know that the next time we see his squishy cheeks it’ll be because he’s in our arms.

So far, third trimester is living up to be my favorite. I love being able to watch my belly wiggle and feel him more pronounced, I also think its hysterical when the pups are laying on my tummy and he kicks them…it makes me so anxious to see their relationship grow when he arrives. I also LOVE having a belly now, like this adorable bump is the most precious thing and I just adore it. I also am loving Austin’s commentary the closer we get and when he talks to Levi most of the time it is some really giggle worthy stuff. We have also upped my DHA this trimester which means lots of salmon for dinner (if you know me you know this is HARD) BUT we are committed to giving him the best odds in womb so pinching my nose through some meals is currently happening (HA). Other than that, we are looking forward to the rest of what this trimester brings and knowing it ends with him in our arms makes it all the more reason to be my favorite so far.

Things coming up this week! The rest of our diaper stash will be here hopefully Wednesday, but given current mail delays…who really knows! We have started to sort and wash baby clothes and swaddles and get things in order for our birth bag! His name sign for by his crib is also in route and once that arrives I can’t wait to show you his finished corner! So much excitement! So crazy to think we are already 28 weeks in and only 12 or so left! These 28 weeks FLEW by so I just know 12 is barely anything and we are officially in the home stretch!! SO FREAKING STOKED!!

As always,

Thank you for following along and loving our sweet boy already!



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