27 Weeks! #bumpdate #rookierod

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!! So stinking surreal to say that. We are officially in the last 13 (give or take because babies come when they do…not when they are due HA) weeks of this pregnancy and it is mind boggling how fast this all has happened!! This week we celebrated our last Christmas without sweet little Levi earth side and that was a pretty special moment. It is so crazy to think that this time next year we will have a nine month old!! We kept it all pretty low key and know it is going to be the total opposite next year! So even though it is a couple days after Christmas that you are reading this, Merry Christmas from our growing family to yours!

As we enter the third trimester, we get to check on Levi on Tuesday and do some updated third trimester labs as well as go over how my blood sugar tracking has been going! I’m not going to lie, I haven’t enjoyed it and was extra hard on myself during the holiday week when I chose to do a little extra snacking than normal…BUT we are into a new week and I’m back to being intentional about what I’m putting into my body! (I’m looking at you snowcone I thoroughly enjoyed) HA! I’ll keep it brief since we’re all still coming out of the Christmas chaos and have a better third trimester update for you next week! Happy last week of 2020! Next time we talk it’ll officially be 2021 which means it’s LEVI YEAR!! Still so crazy to say!! ♥️😭

as always,

thank you for reading!


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