26 Weeks! #bumpdate #rookierod

Good morning friends! WEEK 26!! The end of the second trimester basically and wow all the feels. The time is just flying by and soon our sweet boy will be here and I just can’t believe it!! The third trimester is going to bring on even more labor prep and even though I feel pretty confident, I know soon we will be drinking some raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on a yoga ball and upping the pelvic stretches just anxiously awaiting his arrival!! This week however, we did get a lot done!! We rearranged our room and got his crib situated and everything in order…we pickup his carseats and some more newborn stuff next weekend and after that we will be all set as far as necessities go!! Next steps will be to wash everything and sort through which clothes and diapers we need out and which are for a later date! If you haven’t been around, we are cloth diapering and using the esembly baby system which is broken down into two sizes (or systems). This week we also got everything in order because I start testing my blood sugar four times a day as we head into the third trimester! If you are familiar with pregnancy you know about the gestational diabetes test! I opted out of it and am instead testing my blood sugar four times a day over the course of the next two weeks to give my midwife a better insight into how my diet is working with my levels! I chose this route because I want to see how my body is handling my diet and not just a heavy dose of glucose when it isn’t usually consuming that much. I also wanted the freedom to be able to make changes as we go if need be! So far so good! I will keep you all posted as we go through this venture!

Levi is also moving around a bunch more which is so cool to feel and start to see!! I still feel really amazing and have to pinch myself to remind myself that I am actually pregnant and this is happening!! My bump is slowly making a bigger debut and that’s been such a surreal part! I love watching him grow. Nothing else really to say for now! As we move into the Christmas week I am reminded at how much of a miracle this sweet boy really is and we are just soaking up every minute. He truly is our greatest gift.

thank you for following along as always!



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