35 weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

35 weeks! WOOWEE! This week was a doozy y’all. If you didn’t keep up with the news the whole south literally froze over. I am currently typing this out with no water and too many days running on dry shampoo. I miss my nanny babes and can’t wait to squish them on Monday. I am super grateful that damage wasn’t worse for us this week and am holding onto the little things. While we were stuck at home this week we packed and repacked the birth center bag, finished up his little corner of our room and pulled out everything we will need for the first few months! Levi is wiggling around a ton and is settling nicely into an optimal birthing position. Tuesday starts my weekly appointments which is crazy to me! I know I say it almost every week but I truly don’t understand how we are already in the final stretch. The time just seems to be passing faster and faster. If I go all the way to 42 weeks we have only 7 more appointments!! Which is insane to think that he is going to be here with us in that short of time!! This entire pregnancy has been magical and I am so thankful. I am getting so excited for the labor and delivery process and know that it is going to be such a special time. I am hoping for a water birth but know ultimately he could come wherever he feels is best. Austin jokes that it’ll be right after I get out of the tub HA! We have also started taking guesses on to when he will make his grand debut! The general consensus seems to be spring break week since all the kiddos will be home and chaos seems to be what we do best (HA) but that would mean coming around 38-39 weeks so we will see! I wonder if he will make his debut in the morning or the middle of the night! He seems to still be the most active before bedtime so I could see him waking us up and getting our bottoms in gear! Either way, whenever he decides is perfectly fine by us! If I sit and think about it for too long it gets so wonky! To think…35 weeks of having him grow into who he is going to be, 35 weeks of having two heartbeats beat inside me (his and mine)…and to think he’s the only person who’s heard my heartbeat from the inside. IT IS WILD and so so precious at the same time. I feel like looking at these weekly bump dates he’s maybe started to get more posterior and lower (which honestly I didn’t think was possible with how low and far back he’s already been this whole time) but we will see Tuesday I guess! Can’t wait to meet you soon sweet boy!!

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