23 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

23 weeks. One week away from viability week and one week away from being into month six of pregnancy. I’ll be honest, I have lost track of the months since we have just been measuring by week but goodness gracious where is the time going?! When I sit here and think about how fast these 23 weeks have gone by it is so crazy to me that in less than 18 more weeks we will have sweet Levi earthside with us. Part of me wants time to speed up because we can’t wait to meet him but the other part of me loves pregnancy so much and loves having him grow inside me that it could just take its sweet time to get here and I would not even mind.

He is beginning to move around a lot more and mostly at night which has been the sweetest thing. I know he is getting bigger and stronger and knowing he is safe and snug in there is the coolest feeling. This week we get to go check on him and those appointments are always so fun. Not a whole lot to report from this week other than bump is slowly growing and stretching and making more room for him. I have been sleeping okay and only waking up once or twice now to pee so that has been an improvement. Pretty boring week over here (ha!)

I really love being pregnant (which I totally know is not the normal) but I really do. I wake up every morning and feel so in awe of all my body is doing and how much of a miracle it is that this sweet boy is growing inside. I celebrated turning 24 on Thursday and we sat and talked about how this is the year our family grows and how much has changed form last year. It is all so wild to me. God is so incredibly amazing and there is not a moment that goes by where I don’t sit in that and am grateful.

Thank you again for sticking around and here’s to week 23!



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