22 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling TWENTY TWO (weeks pregnant)! Things are bumping around here! Levi is growing! Moving around, mostly at nighttime since his mama doesn’t really sit still throughout the day (whoops haha) and since I have a more on the anterior side placenta, his movements are still pretty cushioned so dad hasn’t been able to feel them yet. BUT we know that is all in due time as he grows bigger and stronger. Everyday we are more and more grateful for this adventure and this sweet boy.

On the mom side of things… I am feeling AMAZING. I love being pregnant. Honestly. It is still such a surreal feeling and it is beyond breathtaking. I don’t sleep much, didn’t really anyways before pregnancy so it is no biggie, but I will say it is so weird not being able to sleep on my belly. Big brothers are adjusting to all the bathroom trips and sometimes it is a party in our room at 2 am… we are all just prepping for those late night feedings y’all!

As we move into week 22 we are beginning to focus more on third trimester prep and all things we will need postpartum. We have begun building our cloth diaper stash, we are using Esembly Baby (I will include a referral link in a future blog post) and we are slowly getting things together for sweet Levi to have a cozy space in our home.

According to pregnancy stats and such Levi is as big as a coconut or as big as a hamburger and he is starting to be able to hear and process sounds (how cool), he is also learning to grab and if his ultrasounds were any indications, he is going to be a snuggly little face grabber. If you missed last week’s after anatomy scan update, he is measuring ahead and likes to use his placenta as a pillow. Such a sweet boy, but also explains why his movements have been slower to be felt (because sweet boy is COZY). All in all, we are thankful he is growing, healthy and all around the perfect little boy God is going to use for His kingdom. Less than 18 weeks now before he is out here with us and we cannot wait to see who he will be.

As always,

Thank you so much for following along and praying for our sweet boy!!



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