21 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

21 weeks!! SO surreal. Finally showing a little bump and feeling like I have POPPED. It is the best thing. We got the best news at our anatomy scan and LEVI IS HEALTHY. OH! and we announced the gender in case you missed it! Levi Michael Rodrigues is our perfectly sweet bundle of BOY! The excitement is unimaginable. We are also so thrilled to not be keeping this a secret anymore (we found out in August for those new here) and so thrilled to dive into all things prep with you all now. Levi is measuring about TWO weeks ahead and his head alone is in the 99th percentile as of currently! We are so enamored with his chunky self and cannot wait to squish him. So thankful that the anatomy scan went well and that we are officially passed all of it.

so grateful to Jesus. I’m gonna be honest leading up to the scan, y’all knew… I was ANXIOUS. Naturally…I mean…a baby that had less than a one percent chance of even being possible is somehow excelling and growing beyond our wildest dreams? I can’t wrap my mind around it…this whole pregnancy has been all God. Between Austin’s health and my own health going into this…to now halfway in and be where we are? 

I will never not be in awe and so insanely grateful. 

With that being said we pray for smooth sailing moving forward as we continue to prep for our unmedicated birth center birth. No more ultrasounds (gosh willing) from here on out and we are looking forward to only being with our amazing midwife and birth team. Here’s to being officially passed halfway! THE BEST FEELING! Some upcoming things include, diving into our cloth diaper stash and why we chose the brand we did, discussing nursery plans and giving you guys a glimpse into our birth plan and also Austin’s thoughts through all of this! Thank you for sticking around!



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