20 weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

20 weeks! HALFWAY! Oh my flipping goodness! Cannot believe this little smush has been cooking in there for this long already! Where is the time going?! We have our anatomy scan Tuesday and I am READY. Ready for it to be over and ready to be done with having to check in with an OB. I am ready to get past this hump! Ready for the nerves to ease with confirmation that everything is still on track! We ask this week that you would keep little Baby L in your prayers and that everything goes smoothly and that L is growing and still healthy and snug in there! Baby is moving and grooving and my belly is finally growing and I finally added on some weight! So that was a relief! We got to check on baby last week with our midwife and every time I leave her office I just feel so refreshed and cup full. She really is such a gem of a person and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her!! We are planning to announce gender sometime within the next week and I cannot wait for that! It is such sweet thing we’ve been holding onto but I cannot wait to formally introduce you to the little Rodrigues we (mostly me haha) have been growing! This week I am just feeling extra grateful for my sweet husband and all he’s doing to ensure that my pregnancy and birth are smooth sailing..and I will never complain about the nightly foot rubs..he is a GEM. Below are some photos of our sweet babe and some fun ones we did to celebrate being HALFWAY!

stay tuned for more next week when I can finally start sharing details!!



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