19 weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

19 weeks! 1 week away from halfway! 1 week away from our anatomy scan and a little less than two weeks away from announcing what we are having! Big things coming!! Bump has finally poked through a little more and looks more like a baby bump vs. a I just ate too much pizza bump! Things have been extra sweet around here as we start to prepare some more for little one’s arrival. We see our midwife this week to do a halfway point check before going for our anatomy scan next week and APPOINTMENTS ARE FINALLY IN PERSON! I was a little stressed about rearranging schedules just because zoom visits had become so easy BUT I am looking forward to getting to see our midwife in person and for Austin to finally be able to see the full inside of where we are giving birth vs. just a virtual tour and photos I have taken! Still feeling really good and still waiting for big movements, I think I have been feeling baby a little more but am still skeptical (naturally) so we will see as the week progresses! Hope everyone had a safe halloween and is totally ready to dive into all things Christmas…naturally our gender announcement is Christmas themed (are you even surprised??) and we are getting antsy to share!

thank you for following along!



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