18 weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

18 weeks. Each week this whole journey feels more and more surreal. Big things happened this week! My midwife announced that prenatal appointments can now move to in person so I am PUMPED to actually get to see her in person and have Austin get to come now too! However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t mourn the convenience of zooming during nap time of the nanny babes. It will be a slight adjustment but I am grateful for the sweetest nanny family to be walking through this process with. This week also brought the start of movements (not definite kicks but more of baby rolls and some flutters)! I have to confirm at my anatomy scan but I am thinking my placenta might be more on the anterior side than posterior so we will see! With that being said, the anatomy scan is officially two weeks away and I am READY. Ready for it to be over and for the weight of worrying to be behind us. Just having the concrete confirmation that baby is still healthy and gender hasn’t changed (that is my irrational worry…I cannot explain it because healthy baby is all that matters but LOL just where my head is at currently) is where I seem to be focusing all of my thoughts. I haven’t been weighing myself aside from when necessary for prenatal appointments and so far have not gained any weight, symptoms are still basically non existent and I am still over the moon and loving carrying this sweet babe. I did have slight round ligament pain for a little bit on Friday but I chalked it up to over doing it with working out and not stretching enough after being on my feet all day. Other than that it has still been pretty boring and smooth sailing over here, which I am SUPER thankful for. Got everything prepped to announce sweet little Baby L’s gender so be looking for that in a couple weeks!

as always, thank you for following along!!



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