17 WEEKS! #rookierod #bumpdate


3 weeks away from HALFWAY. 3 weeks away from our anatomy scan and finally telling the world what we are having. Obviously we are having a baby, but you know what I mean. I am not going to lie, although I haven’t had any crazy physical symptoms I have been super anxious leading up to our anatomy scan. Will baby still be healthy? Will baby still be what blood work told us? Will we be in the 1% for shocking news? Lots of thoughts have been running through my head, and while I know we will love this baby more than anything.. I am also leaving room for the feelings of what if..I know it’s normal and I keep reminding myself that God already has a plan for this sweet baby and their life. I mean after all, this baby had a .1% chance of even happening so obviously God has bigger plans. I am learning to give up what I am not in control of and know that I trust the one who holds my (and baby’s) future, wholeheartedly. With that being said, other than the anxious thoughts, not much as changed…I think baby is rolling around in there and I have felt some pressure and little waves but nothing concrete as kicks so I know that is coming in the weeks to come and looking forward to that. Bump is finally making a debut and that has been the excitement of this week. We also found our placenta encapsulator this week so that was another BIG thing checked off the list! Other than not, not much else to report yet!

As always,

stay tuned!



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