16 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

16 weeks! WOW! Officially 4 weeks away from HALFWAY, that is so mind boggling to me!! Also, means we are 4 weeks away from our anatomy scan and the last time we will see little babe before delivery (unless we do a 3d/4d ultrasound in the third trimester) and I am STOKED. I can’t wait to start feeling kicks and for a bigger bump, I feel like a broken record but I am EXCITED. I did feel what I think was Baby L rolling around in there, it was like someone doing the wave in my uterus (HA) but no solid kicks yet, so I know those are coming soon and I can’t wait. I say this, because baby made their presence KNOWN during our last appointment, every time we used the doppler, baby kicked away and moved around so I am positive that wiggle worm as they grow, will keep making their presence known and it is SO welcomed. Still no crazy symptoms other than needing food ASAP when I get hungry. I am also super emotional, but if you know me you know that was the case even before Rookie Rod entered the picture. Overall, energy levels are the same and I have been walking two miles a day and full on exercising every other day, incorporating more yoga and stretching and making sure to keep my water intake up. I feel pretty boring in the sense that I have nothing new to report, BUT I am sure that will change once we announce baby’s name and can start sharing more of our nursery plans and everything…these blog updates will become more entertaining! I also have a more in depth look at our birth plan coming soon and someone asked for a pup update and schedule so I will plan to do one of those as well! As always, thank you for sticking around!



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