15 Weeks! #rookierod #bumpdate

Such a sweet week! Baby L is now the size of an orange and growing faster everyday! I feel like I finally have the start of a little bump and have been wearing all the form fitting tanks to show it off, which is so unlike me because I am usually the looser the better when it comes to clothes… HA! I know this sounds silly but this is the most confident I have ever felt and I am so in love with this growing bump! This week I have an appointment with my sweet midwife and I am looking forward to that! So far no crazy cravings or symptoms and I still feel amazing…I do however stay hungry and have been trying to snack on healthy things throughout the day so I don’t get…how does my husband put it?? AH yes, grumpy gills, HA HA HA! I have been so grateful for him this last week and thankful he keeps my favorite snacks stocked in the house. Rookie Rod is filling into their body and I can’t wait to start to feel kicks! I am also looking forward to colder weather and styling this sweet bump! Baby packages have started to roll in and that has added a level of excitement to our mail days! We have decided on a nursery theme (if you can even call it that, we are keeping it super minimal) and have started building our cloth diaper stash! We have decided on the brand Esembly and I will go more into detail in another post! Right now, keeping it super simple with just the weekly bump dates! Thank you so much for tuning in every week!



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