14 Weeks! Officially in the SECOND trimester!!

SECOND TRIMESTER. PUMPED. This week was SOO good. SOOO good, y’all. Got to see baby and hear the best sound in the WHOLE world, I don’t think I will ever get tired of that perfect sound. Rookie Rod’s heart is beating strong and they are GROWING and measuring big. The best part? BABY IS SUCH A WIGGLE WORM!!!!! It was so crazy to see Baby L wiggling all over the screen, I hope they keep that up so I can feel kicks soon. I am so antsy for all the fun the second trimester brings and ready to announce the gender…I get way too close to slipping up every time I sit down to type out another bump date HAHA! But in all seriousness, everyday that passes and this baby grows bigger and bigger…my heart is just so full and grateful. Also, seeing Austin hear the heartbeat and see baby wiggling around for the first time was something so surreal and so beyond words. It made everything just feel so much more happening and it was such a happy day. We celebrated by going out to our first restaurant since MARCH…which was also a HUGE treat. Rookie Rod wanted ALL the Texas roadhouse rolls…so thats where we went! Nothing else really to report, I still feel amazing, but do get REALLY cranky if I am not eating…(sorry Bubs)! Baby is the size of a muffin now and has all their parts and is now just growing and growing. Thankful for each and everyday.

Also, it feels really good to put the first trimester anxiety behind us, as easy as it was physically…there was that mental game of trying not to let anxious thoughts ruin the happy. I didn’t realize the weight I had been carrying until going in for my scan this week and hearing everything looks PERFECT and so HEALTHY. Healthy is my new favorite word I think! My tummy is also FINALLY starting to resemble a little bump and not just a big bloat, so that has been SO EXCITING!!!!! Thank you to each of you for following on this journey! It makes me feel SO LOVED and supported!!



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