13 Weeks! #bumpdate #rookierod

13 weeks! HOLY MOLY! It is the last week of our first trimester and I am feeling ALL the feels!! I am so ready for the big ol’ bump to come in the second trimester and to feel all the baby kicks! This past week was a doozy! Mama had her first migraine since being pregnant and the usual cure of caffeine and excedrin was obviously a no go…so I ice packed, Dad pumped me full of ginger ale and finally puked and it went away. It was 12/10 not fun (HA!) but I am learning to be in tune with my body more and keep it extra hydrated and fed to avoid another one down the road. Speaking of food, it is all my day seems to revolve around…no crazy cravings to report BUT I seem to need a snack at all times to stay mellow HAHA! Rookie Rod is now the size of a lemon and I go in to meet my backup care OB this week! I am looking forward to that and looking forward to our boutique ultrasound this upcoming weekend. Since Dad has not been able to see and hear baby yet and we were gifted a session since we used them to find out baby’s gender early, we figured we would go and make a date day of it! I have been counting down the days! Mostly because I got to pick where we are going for lunch and it cannot get here any sooner! I am so excited to be out of the first trimester next week, even though the first trimester was nothing crazy, I am ready for all the fun of baby kicks and a big bump! Our registry is just about completed and plans for Rookie Rod’s nursery are under way! Stay tuned!



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