12 Week Bumpdate! #RookieRod

12 weeks! WOW!

So close to the end of the first trimester and filled with an overwhelming amount of love and excitement. Not a ton has changed this week aside from the fact that I am starting to show and none of my clothing fits comfortably (HAHAHA hello D cups I have never had before). I also need to have food or water near me 24/7 or I get pretty cranky but other than that I have no complaints. Rookie Rod is nestled in sweetly and is growing quickly in size! According to our pregnancy apps, baby is about the size of a Reese Peanut Butter Cup and growing everyday. Beau and Bear have become WAY more attentive and snuggly and follow us around all the time so that has been pretty sweet. Something we are looking forward to is Dad getting to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time and getting an updated size scan in two weeks! Dad is feeling excited and anxious for this baby to get big enough to kick him! Dad has been so attentive and I hope that is one of the many traits he passes on to our sweet babe. Other than that not too much to report! Cravings have not been specific other than needing food ALL THE TIME. I will say that honestly, I am feeling a lot less on edge now that we have reached this 12 week marker! The second trimester is nearing in and this adventure is just getting started! I cannot even contain the joy this sweet baby has already brought!!



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