11 Weeks! #RookieRod #bumpdate

Week 11. I cannot even believe it! We are almost to the end of the first trimester (WHAT) and I feel like it has just flown by!! Baby is now the size of a little hot wheels car and has stolen our hearts already! Mama is feeling GOOD. Daddy is over the moon and a little antsy to be able to finally hear the heartbeat. Since COVID is still happening, things for prenatal care have looked a little different than normal. We are so thrilled though, that in the midst of the crazy we have the best care team to be on this journey with us. Due to most midwifery prenatal care being telehealth until 28 weeks, Austin gets to hear the heartbeat at home since we will be walked through the doppler for our next visits and we are extremely looking forward to that and to capturing our sweet little L’s heartbeat. Side note: given that both of our names start with an L, baby will be lovingly referred to as either ROOKIE ROD or BABY L until we reveal gender and name!

Speaking of things we have revealed!

This past week, we announced to the world about our sweet little babe and have been on cloud nine ever since. As we get further and further along in this journey I am so excited to share more and more! Right now updates are pretty short, given the fact that my belly is just starting to peep through and I have felt down right AMAZING. As the weeks go on though I am looking forward to sharing more of my birth plan, favorite products, tips and tricks, nursery decor and postpartum plan! This whole adventure has me so giddy and filled with such joy. It means more to me than you will all ever know and I just wanted to say thank you so much for caring enough to follow along! If there is anything in particular you would love for me to cover, feel free to shoot me a message!! HAPPY 11 WEEKS and have a GREAT week!


Mariana (and Rookie Rod)

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