We’re Pregnant! #RookieRod Coming SOON!

BIG NEWS. We are pregnant (well mostly me but you get the drift).  It feels so surreal to even type those words out. For those of you that do not know, I have battled ovarian cysts for the last decade of my life and already thought getting pregnant would be a challenge. Couple that with my sweet husband going through testicular cancer this spring, and us starting the fertility process (we froze samples back in May)..this was the last thing we expected to happen. The Lord sure does have other plans and we are over the moon..and a little terrified to say the least. With my position here at Bump to Babies I felt like it was only fair to take you guys along for the ride. I’m sitting here now at five weeks pregnant wanting to write the words while they were fresh. I am terrified. Excited. Calm. In love. Prepared. Scared. Ready or not haha either way it is happening. Not even quite sure if we are growing a baby or if this is some crazy fluke. Praying and hoping in Jesus that baby is safe and healthy.

I have spent my whole career helping mamas walk through their pregnancies, births, and the newborn & postpartum stages. Now here we are. Getting to walk through my own. Still can’t quite wrap my head around all of this. I am now seven weeks pregnant and adding to this blog post little by little. Once we share the news via the inter web, I will be sure to share weekly updates as we prepare! As of right now in the story, we have set appointments for gender, and our first ultrasound! We have met with our midwife already and we ADORE her! Literally she was the first person after Austin that I told (HA). I am going to write so much more in depth about why we chose her and the birth center down the road but just know she is INCREDIBLE.

Okay… a couple weeks have passed now and I am sitting here at 10 weeks and we have now officially seen our sweet baby and know they are healthy and safe and snuggled in there! It is such a surreal feeling and such a little miracle. I cannot even begin to imagine what words will be enough to convey how I feel…so in love, so enamored, so in awe and so beyond aware of what a miracle this sweet little baby is.


As the weeks go on I will go more into detail and share a little more of our hearts but we just wanted to let you guys in on the news…

babypicI am so so excited to take y’all along for the ride!




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