The Birth of Liam George!

1042B9D2-C51E-4682-8907-7F8B70B3825CHappy Sunday Bumpers! I am so glad to be back in the swing of things this #birthblogs season! This week we have my dear friend Libby sharing the story of how her son Liam came into the world! Libby is a birth photographer herself so getting to hear her story makes my heart happy! If you’re in the Houston area…she’s your gal for your birth too!! Back to the birth…I absolutely love the emotion behind this one (as she wrote it the night he arrived) I love that these stories transport us there…to that moment of new life. Happy reading!

The birth of Liam George

Oh goodness here we go… just writing this I know I am going to cry.

I was 19 and impatient. I was ready to meet my boy so I planned an induction. I was due December 31, 2013. I told my Doctor “look I do not want to be late” ( I am never late for anything) so she scheduled me to be induced December 27.

my birth story.

December 26th 2013:

Very anxious day went to see saving mr banks with me mom and dad

Then came home and was anxiously awaiting 9:00. At 9:00 we left and got Starbucks for my dad and a breakfast sandwich for me

I went into the hospital at 9:15 and they let me go right to the labor room I would be in. Then I got on my gown and laid in the bed.

      {previously at the doctors    appointments before this I was 2cm dilated}

A nurse came in shortly after and made me fill out a ton of paperwork just describing how things were going to go down for us!!

Then they put a BIG IV in my hand            {because you can’t bend your arm to push if you have the IV in the middle of your arm} and started pumping some fluid in me.

About an hour later (10:45) the nurse came in and put a cervix softener pill in me (down there) and said I may start to feel some mild contractions and that she’s be back in a few hours to check me and put another one in.

First pill didn’t make me contract.

Then she came back (1:00) and checked me and I was still a two and so she stripped the membranes

       {this HURTS}

and put in the second cervix softener.

About thirty minutes later my first contraction but I second guessed it and didn’t think anything of it. So at 3:00 am she came in to check me I was a 3 and she confirmed my irregular contractions! I was very encouraged by this! Also that meant I didn’t need to continue the pills! At 5:00 I pressed the call button because I had had ENOUGH of these contractions that were getting stronger!! It took what seemed like forever for her to get into my room but when she did (5:30) she gave me the pain killers which knocked me out within seconds and i slept till about 8:00 and the new nurse Tonya (who stayed until after I delivered)

came in and checked my progress and said you’re a four!! I was really only a 3.5 but she said close enough let’s get that epidural! So then the epidural guy came in a gave me the local shot to numb the area and then stuck the huge needle into my back four centimeters and put the tube that would drip the meds! I didn’t even feel the needle!!! So then he left and I started feeling numbness within a few minutes. The numb feeling is very strange. It’s hard to explain!

But after it kicked in around 8:30 they started the pitocin I slept the entire day minus the times that

Tonya came in to check me. I was stuck at a 4 for hours but around 12:00 I was a five! Half way dilated!! Yippee! Then at 1:00 I was a 6 at 2:00 I was a 7 at 3 I was almost a 9

by 3:30 they called Dr. Beltramini in to prep for pushing! By 3:30 I started pushing. It was very hard and tiring because Liam’s head was very big and in the wrong position. But my nurse and doctor were very encouraging and saying “good job Elizabeth” “get mad” “push push push” “you are doing great!” So their encouragement helped me and finally Liam’s head was out and then she pulled his body out at 4:18! The first thing Beltramini said was “LOOK AT THOSE LIPS!!” HE WAS

HE WAS FINALLY HERE! It was very overwhelming. I was finally a mommy and I now understood the love that every mom talks about. My mom got to cut his umbilical chord and then he was placed on my chest and wiped off. I was in shock at how beautiful and perfect he was. My mom and dad had been in the room the whole time which was an amazing experience.

After they took him off my chest they put him on the heater bassinet and measured him and cleaned him off. He weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. BIG BOY! Much bigger than we expected. But he was perfect.

My parents stayed at his side while they cleaned him. Meanwhile Dr. Beltramini was stitching me up. I had ripped very badly what they call a 4th degree tear. Ouch!!

 By around 4:45 I finally got to hold my son for real. I couldn’t grasp how something so perfect could come from someone who had such a rough past. All I know is that the entire time I was pushing I was listening to strong enough by Matthew west and making that the cry of my heart. The Lord truly was strong enough for the both of us. I couldn’t do that without his strength.

I got to give him to my mom and the nurse helped me go to the bathroom for the first time. Which was painful and there was a lot of blood. But apparently I did well because when I laid back in bed she said “wow I’m so proud of you 9 out of 10 redheads pass out!” Haha! Again The Lord was my strength

This was the greatest day of my life. Looking back there are many things i would change about the birth itself. However, its my story. I cant believe its been 6 years. Birth is like a blind date but you know you will be in love with the person.

wow! What a read! I am so glad y’all are here for another Sunday! A big thanks to Libby for sharing! These stories just warm my heart! If you’d like to follow along more here’s the info! Be sure to subscribe and share! Xoxo,

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Libby Dolan: @libbylynnphotography


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