24 Weeks! #bumpdate #rookierod

24 weeks!! VIABILITY WEEK!!!!!! How sweet it is to type those words and how exciting it is to hit this milestone!!

Levi Michael is now the size of a cantaloupe and getting stronger day by day! I saw our lovely midwife this past week and he is perfectly cozy in there, moving all over the place with a strong heartbeat and just as content as could be. I am feeling amazing as well and also measuring on track! I put up a question box on instagram yesterday and got asked a ton of good questions! Among the top ones were

“Are you doing the glucose test?”

“What have been the biggest second trimester symptoms?”

“What are you most looking forward to?”

“How is Austin through this process?”

“Where are you registered?”

and some silly ones like “How big is his head?”

So I will answer them!

Am I doing the glucose test? NOPE. I am choosing the at home monitoring route so that means from week 27-week 29, I will test and record my blood sugar four times a day! This will give my midwife a more accurate depiction of how my body is breaking down sugar and if anything in my diet needs to be changed. If y’all hav been following along since the beginning you know that I have cut out all caffeine, and most simple sugars aside from a fun sized piece of candy now and then or one non water drink a week (i.e sprite or lemonade for me).

What have been my biggest second trimester symptoms? Hmm.. this is hard because other than a slowly growing bump, I haven’t had any “symptoms” so to speak…part of it is because for the first time in my life my hormones are finally regulated and my body is finally happy with me (HA!) but I am still so grateful none the less.

What am I most looking forward to? This is a hard one…obviously I cannot wait to have him here and start this next chapter of our lives with him…like that is going to be such a dream come true. BUT I am most looking forward to giving birth, honestly it is going to be such a party and I can’t wait to experience it all. Yes I know ‘it’ll hurt” (I have been witness to enough of them to know that it isn’t going to be the easiest thing I have ever done) BUT I am excited to feel it and be on the other side of it. It is going to be a perfect and beautiful thing that brings our son earthside and that is the most important thing.

How is Austin through this process? AMAZING. To know Austin is to love him and anyone who knows him, knows how true this is. I couldn’t ask for a better birth partner to go through this all with. He is the best “DADLA” and I don’t take a second of his support and love for granted. He rubs my feet nightly to help prevent swelling (so far so good), and constantly has snacks and meals ready to go because he’s kept a log of when I am most hungry (he says its for his safety but that’s a little dramatic HA!). He is also always asking what I need and what he can do to make sure I am as supported and calm through this whole journey as possible. He is on top of it and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.

Where are you registered? Babylist! I love the convenience of it and pre Levi it is the website I was already using for a “mock registry” to help Bump to Babies clients build theirs! We have been so blessed with so many hand me downs and because of my career I already had a growing stash of baby stuff, so our registry isn’t as big as most first time parents… but next week I will do a registry breakdown and include the link for anyone wanting to get an idea of some of my favorite must haves! I will also include a list of my baby product DON’TS. Did you know that is what I did in college? I was a personal registry advisor for Babies R Us and in charge of product research and building custom registries! So long before Bump to Babies was born, I was already doing the leg work for making sure my mamas have everything they need! Making sure you have what you need for your baby is near and dear to my heart and just another avenue for being covered “bump to babeis”. Always available for consults and questions (see the contact me tab above) and given everything with COVID, those are all digital!

Okay for the sake of not having you read a novel I will answer this last silly one and then wrap up for the week!

How big is his head? 99th percentile and totally round and perfect!

Thank you guys for following along and for loving our sweet boy already!



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