*Daily Logs Download*

Happy Sunday readers! A few things first before we get to the fun part! First off, we’ve had some technical issues with the site so take you so much for your patience as I’ve dealt with that this week. If for some reason you had been unsubscribed and aren’t receiving our emails anymore, I am so sorry!! Please re enter your email easy peasy! I talked to the support team for the domain and they say there’s nothing they can do (gah frustration) so it is what it is! I appreciate y’all baring with me as we navigate this journey! Next thing, if you haven’t followed on social media, go give us a follow! This is where I post things like technical issues as to make sure everyone stays connected! Last order of business, how do y’all like the new site?! I’m obsessed. Leave your feedback I’d love to hear it!

Okay okay…now the reason y’all are actually here😉

Below I have linked “Daily Logs” , this is a project I have been tweaking for months to make sure they are the best for you! For a limited time (offer ends May 13th 2018) they will be available for free download! After that they’ll be $2 so get it for free while you can! (I would love to hear your thoughts and if this made keeping up with your tiny humans easier!!) I love these. I’ve created both an infant and a toddler sheet and you can find both of them below! Simply click the link and print!! If you have any issues at all!! Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get it all squared away! Can’t wait to hear what you think and to see everyone using them! Post a picture of how you’ll use yours with the hashtag #bumptobabieslog so I can share!! Happy Weekend y’all!




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