Hello there! Happy Sunday! Today’s blog is going to be a fun one! If you know me, or if you’ve been reading long enough, you know…I adore craft time. All kinds of crafts. Heck Hobby Lobby is my home away from home (and target). But if I love anything more than craft time by myself, it’s craft time that educationally benefits tiny humans! Which leads to today’s craft! It is a sensory bin! Sensory Bins stimulate a child’s senses and increases their curiosity. (So be sure to include lots of texture and colors for them to explore) The bins also keep them entertained (there’s no loss here…except maybe the mess). Anyways, I digress. Let’s get to it. First off supplies:

I chose an ocean theme and tied in paw patrol to make it like adventure bay!

Below, are the supplies I purchased (all for under $20 WOOHOO). I shopped the dollar store and hobby lobby but feel free to get creative! *not pictured…the clear bin with a top, I got at the dollar store*

I let the little dude pretty much have free reign, I just kinda gave him my vision, but if I’ve learned anything over the years it’s the fact that kiddos love to be involved…they have more fun that way. So I handed him the bin and the supplies, then told him to have at it.

We constructed a beach with some sand, wax (for the ocean obviously 😉🌊) and pebbles! Then, for the animals (money saver…I bought foam stickers instead of figurines to fulfill the animal criteria…works the same) and BOOM! Ocean life created. Then, the hands started smushing and merging the ocean with the sand and twisty color art was born. Watching his face light up made my heart so happy, and I just knew this would be a craft project success worth sharing with all of y’all. *DISCLAIMER*: this project will keep your kiddo entertained for what feels like forever…or just long enough for you to catch up on laundry and dishes) especially if they try to separate the colors back out from each other😂🙃

Here’s a picture of our final product before it got all smushy! ALSO! get a bin with a lid for easy peasy clean up!😉 you can thank me later for that tip!

Hope y’all have just as much fun as we did with ours! Tag us in your sensory bins so we can see the amazingness! Use the hashtag #bumpbins 🙌🏼 looking forward to seeing them! Also, stick around! Next week a fun free download is coming yourway!

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