Intro to Birth Blogs

First things first. HAPPY MAMAS DAY!! To every mama out there…you are amazing, doing amazing and raising up sweet littles. I want to on behalf of Bump to Babies send all the hugs and wish you all the sweet love and snuggles today!! I also want to say thank you, for taking a minute or two out of your special day to read here! Bump to Babies celebrated its first birthday yesterday and the love and support y’all have showed me over this past year makes my heart swell. So thank you. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and stories and to come alongside each other as we go through life and navigating tiny humans together! Here’s to so many more years! With all that being said, I want to tag on a little intro to our new blog series “Birth Blogs”! This series will be a different one. It’s one I have prayed over and had on my heart for a while now. When I first started Bump to Babies a year ago I didn’t intend to blog as frequently as it turned into, I was nervous (I mean will anyone even read?!) and I was timid, but I decided I love to write, share stories, advice and blab to literally everyone so might as well! Never in a million years did I think people from all over the world would read. It’s bananas. Honestly. I’m forever grateful. However, I digress. Back to the Birth Blogs. I’ve had this vision for a while of sharing other mamas stories of birth. Birth never ceases to amaze me. Even before going into doula stuff or anything like that I was that five year old watching a baby story and breastfeeding her dolls. The birth world and stories just make my heart swell. So I thought how perfect would it be to use this platform to connect mamas and inspire through stories that have made me feel all the feels. With that being said, I reached out on social media with this post: the only requirements being that the parents be comfy with sharing pictures and their stories. That’s all. I wanted all the stories. Literally. All of them. I couldn’t put restrictions or requirements on that. That just couldn’t be done. Anyways…The response I received and continue to receive (as of now I’m still taking submissions!) have and has literally changed my world. I cannot wait to share them with each of you. My hope through this series is that new friendships are formed, support is exchanged, and lives are inspired. I am so giddy. I can not contain it. Okay okay. You get it I know! I’m in the workings of a Facebook group for all the mamas to join and connect through (stay tuned and be on the lookout for that email!) BUT to kick it off next week Mama of sweet little Layne shared her story. It’s a tale you want to stick around for. Subscribe below to be the first to get an email. This little kiddo and his amazing parents have kept me in awe since we connected. their story is one for the books…and the tissues and the hallelujah hands! Stick around!!

Again. Happy Mamas day! Enjoy your specially sweet day!



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