The Best Box. The Crunchy Mom Box.

Hey there Bumpers! If you’re on any kind of social media you’ve heard about monthly subscription boxes shipped right to your door of all kinds of neat things! You’ve prolly seen FabFitFun or Ipsy. Well I’ve got a new one for you today! Think those but made for moms by a super amazing mom. I met Jennifer through BirthTUBE (an amazing group of ladies go check it out) and have ever since been impressed!

Jennifer is a mom of three kids (8, 5, and 13mo).  she homeschools, leads a local homeschool CoOp, lives in East Central Indiana, works as a Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor, runs The Virtual Doula, and is the Doula Representative for BirthTUBE (whoop whoop!) owns and runs the blog at, and last but not least the reason you are reading today… The Crunchy Mom Box. Below Jennifer was so super kind to share a snippet of what it’s all about and how you can get involved!

“The Crunchy Mom Box started when I was online browsing for box subscriptions for my kids that I am currently homeschooling.  I wanted them to have something fun and exciting for summer, and I thought it would be cool to find one for myself also!  I already subscribe to a monthly makeup bag, but I wanted something more my scene- natural and organic cosmetics and beauty care products, eco-friendly home and kitchen items, and crunchy mom-life must haves. There were a few things that provided one type of item or another, but not anything that encompassed all of those into one collection each month.  I began brainstorming all of the types of items I would like to receive, and what eco-friendly alternatives were out there to help other moms make changes in their normal lives to provide healthier living for their families.

Our first box presale has officially launched and will stay open until July 15th to receive our August box. Each box is valued at $40, and only costs subscribers $34 with shipping and handling included!  The products included are all eco-friendly, natural, and organic! We strive to include eco-friendly kitchenware, organic non-perishable food/spice/tea items, organic cosmetics & hair/skin/beauty care items, cloth home alternatives (napkins, unpaper towels, wipes, mama cloth, etc.), natural feminine care items, therapeutic grade essential oils that are family-safe, etc.  Each month will be a new surprise collections of items! We are so excited to help families find healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives!” if you are anything like me this box is going to be your new favorite thing! Below I have added all the links and info to be able to get your hands on your own and follow Jennifer and all things Crunchy on social medias! ALSO. For you sweet followers and readers Bump to Babies has a discount code! (Check our below!)


To order, you can visit and sign up before July 15th.

*You can use code BUMPTOBABIES10 for 10% off your first box!*

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