my entrance into the world

Happy Sunday Bumpers! This week we wrap up #birthblogs for the summer! I have adored this series and plan to possibly feature one a month just to keep it alive and the community growing. It has been such a joy to share these stories. This week my mama sat down and shares her story of how I entered this world (quite dramatically if I add) and now here it is for everyone to read 💕 Here goes nothing! Thanks mama for sharing.I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. I WAS ASKED BY MY TALENTED DAUGHTER WHOM WRITES THIS BLOG TO WRITE HER BIRTH STORY.. How do  I begin???

My first born tried to enter the world at 24weeks. Shocker she was anxious to be here, however, it was way too early especially way back when. I was just trying to watch a movie with my sister, but no Mariana had other plans for me. I was a first-time mommy had no clue that the cramping I was feeling were actually contractions. It became apparent when I stated aloud to my sister I keep having cramps like every 2mins. She stated ding dong that’s early labor,” no good it’s too early”. She rushed me to the hospital (she was my backup coach, I wasn’t sure how my husband would handle labor) Hours later I learned I was in preterm labor and was given a boatful of injections to stop it.

I was finally discharged, and put on bedrest, as well as this awful medicine brethine. It was the worst, it gave me extreme tremors. I could not finish my Crosspoint I started for my daughter(still not complete. It will be for my grandbaby) My hands shook horribly. I hated being on bedrest. I do not stay still well. Well fast forward. The dr took me off of the medicine at 37.5 weeks and told me I would begin labor any day… Well my stubborn child had other plans. Time past…I was now 1week past my due date and nothing… Until one very cold November morning in NY I awoke at 6am and really had to use the bathroom but did not want to get out from the warmth of my bed. Feeling it was best to get up and go I ran to the bathroom (lets be real how fast are you running at 41weeks?) lol As soon as I began to sit my water broke. What the heck? Ill Gross. I yelled for my husband however hes a rock sleeper. My mother in law heard from downstairs and awoke him to help me. We called the dr. and followed protocol (first baby) Fast forward, I had to put laundry on, clean up and shower before leaving for the hospital.. I became concerned while showering when I noticed the fluid color change. I saw the brownish tint and was aware of the meconium present. I was very alarmed to know my baby was in distress. My husband became a NY racecar driver and we were at the hospital in a flash. My dr checked me and stated very matter of factly to me the baby is no longer in the birth canal as she was yesterday and her heartrate is not coming back up from my last contraction. The rest is like Indy 500. Ivs, shaving, anesthesia consults… All I knew I went to sleep awoke and was told I had a beautifully bald fat turkey(Thanksgiving baby) I had to have an emergency c-section. Mariana had the umbilical cord wrapped 2times around her neck. So with every contraction she was strangling herself. I am very lucky for her to be alive.

Honestly, I was very disappointed and sad  to not be able to have had natural child birth however,I am so blessed to be able to write of the success of her birth. My 9lb 4oz delight has been a true blessing and miracle of God. I could not of asked for anything more.I was unable to have the immediate bond as I wished to have had, but to this day I never regret a moment of her birth. She is a beautiful, strong, independent, young lady and I am beyond blessed to call her my daughter. Remember God has a plan. All the birth plans will be over powered by His choice.. Embrace your miracle however they get here!

Mariana Almeida

November 26th 1996

9lbs 4oz

21 and a 1/2 inches


Fueled by grilled cheese, French fries and brown gravy. (No wonder she doesn’t like cheese😉) I love you more than most infinity you’re the biggest chicken butt in the whole wide world.

*awww look how little* thank you mama for sharing with us all this week! I love you. It was the best way to wrap up this series (for now at least) 🙌🏼

A big thank you to each of you for reading along and for riding this journey with me! Stick around for big things coming here at Bump to Babies! BIG HUGS! Be sure to follow and subscribe to be the first to know any updates!


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