Imi’s Labor

Hello there Bumpers! Happy Sunday!

This Sunday’s story holds a special place in my heart. It took me a minute to realize but I met this sweet mama through BirthTUBE. If you don’t know what BirthTUBE is, I’ll link their social media below but basically it’s the most inspiring and empowering group of ladies and mamas. With that being said, Imi shared her story there and we got connected and here’s a written version for all of y’all. I hope you adore it as much as I do. It’s a birth story full of raw emotions and twists and turns. Here we go!


i a u r a ▪  l i e t r i  ▪ l i g h t

6 lbs 2oz  ▪ 18 1/2in long

Friday May 11 2018 12:57am ▪ Due May 19



▪@8pm I lost my bloody show

▪@11pm I lost more bloody show – right after I had 3 small gushes of am I peeing or did my water break?

▪@11:30pm Arrived at L&D

▪@12:00am 1st check: 4cm

▪@12:55am 2nd check: 8-9cm 100% effaced

▪(Involuntary body pushing)

▪@12:57am She was born!!!


▪Weeks of BH, nothing painful just the usual tightness & sometimes slight period cramp feeling.

▪Thursday morning I woke up to a painful contraction, fell back asleep repeat ×5, I looked at the time its 7:30am so I walk downstairs & drink a glass of water with SO & sit up right in a chair for 30 mins… No further contractions so I go back upstairs & sleep until 1:00pm I was extremely exhausted!

▪Thursday seamed like a normal day, but I had a feeling… The same feeling I had everyday the past few weeks maybe this is it? Me, SO & 1 yr old had a normal day we lounged around the house, played at the park, went to a hardware store, went to a grocery store for dinner veggies, ate a great chicken dinner, all the while I had a little contraction here & a little contraction there nothing consistant & nothing that felt imminent but definetly stronger & more painful then usual. After dinner it was time for 1yo’s bath & bedtime I went to go pee before we headed to bathe together when…

▪@8pm I lost my bloody show!!!!

I wiped & it was dark brownish, purpleish, redish… I’ve never lost a bloody show before & this is my 3rd baby I’ve only ever lost small globs or streaks of yellowish greenish mucus plug… This definetly looked like bloody show so it must be right? I showed my SO… He walked away grossed out… I took a picture of it… I googled it… I posted about it… I told my mom… I told my neighbor… I cried… I was so excited!!! This is progress whether its today or tomorrow or next week its happening!!! Continuing on with my night like a normal I might be in labor human I bathe with my 1yo, soap him up, brush his long hair, have him brush his teeth, double check his nails if they need cut… I get out of the bath & dry off first start plucking my eyebrows that have grown wild the past months… Luckily I shaved & washed up real good the day before (; this was the last hygienic task on my to do list before labor because it most likely wont be done again until baby is 3 months… SO walks upstairs into bathroom after cleaning up our dinner & looks at me like I’m crazy I’ve got tweezers in one hand & scissors in the other I decided to just cut off my eyebrows altogether they’re tattooed anyways… I tell him 1yo is ready for bed you can pull him out of the tub & lay him down, so he does & after when he walks into our room I’m putting my bf snacks next to my bed, I’m cleaning up & BAM a contraction! SO tells me to stop cleaning if anything needs done he’ll do it & then he goes & takes a nap downstairs on the couch while I go take a real, non kid, relaxing momma bath & start timing my contractions: 20 mins apart… 10 mins apart… 20 mins apart… 5 mins apart… 20 mins apart… They were not consistant… They were not getting closer together… They felt painful in my lower back-whole belly-down my thighs to my knees, strong, tight, I had to breathe through them, couldn’t talk… My last 6 contractions in the bath were: 10:21pm, 10:25pm, 10:30pm, 10:33pm, 10:34pm, 10:37pm, 10:43pm -Which in mins apart is(4:03mins, 3:54mins, 4:19mins, 2:59mins 1:35mins, 2:47mins, 5:47mins) I’m thinking to myself okay they are close together… But not exactly spaced & not consistently getting closer together like I hear they are supposed to if its in fact real labor… I have no idea… Are these bh, am I in early labor, should I go get checked in case she is under stress, what if they send us home only to have to go back in an hour later & have to wake up 1yo twice…So I get out of the bath & tell my SO how I’m feeling & that I’m going to try sitting up downstairs in chair for 10mins then either get back in the bath or lay on my side in bed… I brush my teeth real quick… gag & pee my pants… Great so I go pee and…

▪@11pm I lost more bloody show!!! This one was a bright red… It felt more real I had a sense of okay things really are happening tonight… I take a picture of it… I go upstairs & change my shorts that I peed in… I walk downstairs & start trickling down my leg… And again and again… I tell SO either I keep peeing my pants or my waters are leaking… I go to the bathroom & when I wiped it was greenish I thought okay its time to go in this might mean she pooped if this is from my waters… I call my mom to meet us there & we packed up our bags & kid & headed over

▪@11:30pm Arrived at L&D

▪@12:00am 1st check: 4cm

They asked me if I wanted the epidural… I said no… I’m going to try to go natural… 5 mins later I’m buzzing the nurse asking when can I get the epidural? I wait for her to come to my room & she says to me wow that was a quick change of mind… We need to put you in your official room, give you an iv, call your obgyn, & get your papers processed… I’m thinking grrrrrrrr hurry then… I get moved to my room, find out my obgyn is on vacation so he won’t be attending… They call his on call back up guy & he’s now on his way from wherever… They miss my veins for my iv 6 times!!! By now I’m screaming & I’m laying on my side my last 3 contractions I felt like I needed to poop… I have another contraction & I let out a big fart one of the nurses asked me if I was trying to push I scream no!!! Thinking to myself my body pushed out that fart I’m not trying to push when I clearly don’t know if I’m supposed to oh yeah and give me the ****** epidural!!! So they decide to check me again…

▪@12:55am 2nd check: 8-9cm 100% effaced

Instead of lolly gagging around they really stepped up & started running around rushing in delivery equipment, making calls… I have this big contraction my body pulls itself arched & pushes & I thrust out this deep grunt & then scream at the top of my lungs SHE IS COMING NOW!!!!!!!!! I felt her head thunk down to the ring of fire I felt there was no way she was ever going to make it through but there is also no going back & no more time… A nurse says I’m trying to hold her head in until the doctor gets here I’m thinking no… Thats not how this goes… I’m screaming I’ve got both my hands at my sides lifting my butt up & my legs are straight out & my body is pushing while I scream I’m not even in the labor position that hospitals usually demand (legs in stilts or legs bent & towards belly) I’m not in a position I would have chose for labor either I’m basically pushing my daughter out involuntarily… It was 2 mins of pushing & she came out!!!!

▪@12:57am She was born!!!

I’m in shock… I’m traumatized… I’m shaking… I just experienced the most pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life, I didn’t think I was going to make it… The doc cuts the cord, she’s covered in her own poop because she did poop in the womb so they clean her off & hand her to me I’m crying, I’m also still shaking my whole body is shaking I knew something was wrong so I hand her to my SO, its about 20 mins after birth & doc is trying to assist the birth of my placenta… They order me pain meds & I go through 3 different kinds… Its about 2hrs of trying to deliver my placenta I’m shaking so bad like my legs are jumping up & down & I can’t keep my eyes open I’m in so much pain & in shock & traumatized… I start to lose my sight, my hearing & feel faint I tell the doc as its happening… I wake up an hour later with oxygen on my face, deeply medicated, and unsure of what’s going on… I had a clot in uterus & was losing blood & doc didn’t realize it because my placenta was in the way, my heart rate went down into the 40’s when I passed out & when I woke up everything was taken care of…

I’ve slept 4 hrs total since delivering my baby girl

I’m medicated on percs 7 & Motrin

I have swelling in my eyes, face, hands, arms, thighs, calves, feet, I can’t see very well, I can’t hear very well, I have a horrible headache, cramping, back ache, after labor contractions, hips & knees keep losing circulation & aching, I have hemoroids, I have scabs on my nipples already from unsuccessful latches…

I’ve had such a big life changing few days that its going to take a long time to process, and heal from.

My daughter is SO BEAUTIFUL, & I’m in love with getting to know her & making every second count whether its sleep or feeding or memories.

This is my story so far… SO is begging me to get out of this jetted tub I’ve been sitting in here in the hospital writing my story the past hour… Its been nice to meditate & retrace what I’ve just accomplished!!!

WHAT A STORY! I hope it brought as much joy to each of you as it did me. Below I’ll link BirthTUBE (be sure to join ladies) and I hope you’ll continue to follow along as we begin to wrap up our Birth Blog series! It’s been such an honor I may just have to keep showcasing them.



Have the best week!



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