Toddlers and Music🎶

Happy Sunday! Welcome back for this weeks blog! If this is your first time here…welcome and I am so glad you stumbled upon Bump to Babies! If you’re an avid reader, welcome back!

This week Bump to Babies partnered up with Meagan Gust from Precious Pearls Dance in California! Meagan is an absolutely amazing woman and her cause is so near and dear to my heart! I will link her FB below!

• @preciouspearlsdance•

If you live in the Oceanside area, check out her dance classes!! Precious Pearls creates a foundation for a strong musical upbringing. Not only through mommy and me classes but also intro to dance so your kiddo feels right at home! With all of that being said, I decided to touch on just how important music and dance is for tiny humans this week. This is just a little snippet so feel free to email Meg or myself if you have any questions loves!


If you’re pregnant or have a small child around you’ve probably sung your fair share of nursery rhymes to your belly and to your babe. You’ve sang everything from what you were eating to well thought out sweet songs. You’ve more than likely played them Mozart and other classics in hopes of making them smarter and danced around to the theme song of PJ Masks more times than you would care to admit. We’ve all been there. Music is so fundamental for the growth and development of our tiny tots. Music is a form of learning that lights up all of a child’s developmental areas. Music (and movement with said music aka dancing😉) helps a child’s mind, motor coordination, emotional behavior, language, and even their social skills. All of these are important to the growth of your sweet babe. Dancing in conjunction to music stimulates a child’s motion and increases their flexibility as well as their stamina and overall health. Not only that but there is a HUGE benefit of mama and me dance classes. The bonding between you and your sweet nugget as well as the social interactions between moms and tiny tots. That means for toddlers, dance classes increase their socialization skills and MOMS YOU GET GROWN UP INTERACTION (bless the Lord am I right?) Not to mention, dance tunes in a babes focus and wears them out 😂 (it’s a win win trust me!) If you are in the Katy,TX or Houston, TX email me and I will send you a list of local studios that offer mama and me classes! If you’re in California check out Precious Pearls!!

see you next week lovelies!

(Well not really see you but you know what I mean!)

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