Oh *FRIDA* baby!

Happy Sunday readers! Today we are going through a product review!! At first I was nervous to do one of these because not everyone like the ad type reads BUT I am here to tell you…this is not an ad. Promise. Frida Baby and I do go way back though. Right out of high school, I landed a management position at Babies R Us (it was kind of on accident) but I became their Personal Registry Advisor. This meant I was responsible for keeping up to date with all the latest products and ensuring mamas and daddys to be had the best items on their registry. I tested and researched all products before recommendation. That meant even trying out bottles (yeah go ahead try to picture that😂) but that means I also formed opinions, I loved Pampers, became picky about wipes and have tried more than my fair share of booger catchers. Now years later, a few new certifications, more education, and experience under my belt. FridaBaby is still one of my go to brands. I love their uniqueness and their ability to creatively tackle and solve baby product problems. So naturally I reached out and told them just that. They in turn sent me products to add to my mama to be and baby bundle bags and I became more than giddy to write and share my thoughts with y’all.

First up, is the NoseFrida. This one is my favorite and what got me into the brand in the first place. It’s a snot sucker. Yes you read that right. It’s a natural twist on the annoying blue squishy bulb that you shove into small babes noses (this one usually results in a more than reluctant tiny human). Instead, it is a cover to place over each nostril and gently suck out the boogers on the other end. It has a filter so no boogers actually reach your mouth (that would just be weird😉) they also sell replacement filters so it’s so convenient!

Next up is the NailFrida. If you have a fear of cutting more than your babes nails this is for you! The clear window and unique curve makes this the best. I even tested it out on my super sensitive cuticles and I didn’t even cry😉

The Windi. I love this concept. Similar to the NoseFrida but for your baby’s bum. Now, I do not have any gassy babes at the moment to test this out on but based on mamas and previous reviews I can attest that this is the first thing I would grab if a gassy babe landed into my lap. Last up, the SmileFrida. A fun twist on a kiddos toothbrush. It is even heart shaped! I want one in my size. It’s the perfect shape and texture that won’t hurt the inside of even the most sensitive babe. It’s a fun happy yellow color and shaped like a heart to reach more areas but also because your tiny humans should love brushing their teeth with this! (Puns intended)

*I used Stock Images from Frida Baby’s website so y’all would know which products I was talking about! Want your own? You know you do! Click the link below to shop! Also, follow along on our social media’s and subscribe with your email below to see all of the fun stuff coming up and watch as we soon celebrate our one year anniversary!*



Much love,


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