2 Minute, 2 Step, Last Minute Easter Craft!

Y’all!! It’s Friday. Good Friday to be exact! That means Easter is officially less than 2 days away!! Did you read that and just realize you haven’t done an Easter craft with the kiddos yet? Don’t panic. Your solution is below. It literally takes 2 minutes. Don’t believe me?? Try it and then tell me if I was wrong (I’m not trust me).

First off, you need the supplies.

•Cutout Bunnies (dollar section at target) or you can draw your own!

•cotton balls


Most of that can be found around the house, but it might take a quick trip into a dollar section of a store!

Once you have your supplies, simply have your kiddo glue the cotton ball to the bottom of the bunny or bunnies!

Boom. Done. Bunny Bottoms.

Super simple, like so simple, way simple even your toddler can do it!! (That’s the point)😉

2 minutes and you have an Easter Craft that looks like it hopped straight off Pinterest! You’re welcome. 💕 Have a Happy Easter weekend!!

Post your finished bunnies on our Bump to Babies Facebook Page! I’d love to see them!!🐇🌿

(here’s a just for fun if you wanted to add faces to the front!)

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