Easter Baskets for Under $10

Hello there! Happy Palm Sunday! Easter is officially a week away and most of us have tiny humans in our lives that need special baskets! Baskets that don’t break the bank OBVIOUSLY!!! So here are my tips on how to make adorable baskets for literally under $10!! UNDER $10!! You read that right! Budget friendly adorably stuffed baskets! First, checkout your local dollar stores, they usually have a wide variety of season specific stuff! (Just be ready to search) then pick a theme, that’s usually what works best for sticking to a budget friendly idea! If you go in without a theme or goal you are more likely to go over the allotted amount! After you have your theme, chose if you want to go the candy route or the educational little activity route. (I chose the later of the two because candy isn’t really my jam!) Then, decide one main item and little accent pieces! For example, I chose a big puzzle ($1) as the main bulk item, and stuck to little arts n craft stuff for the filler items! I love to have the kiddos hands on and crafting…so I added in some play doh ($1 store), and then another mini puzzle (also $1 store!) After I felt like I searched the Dollar Store enough, I ventured over to Target’s dollar section where I found the rest of the basket jazz! The paint sets were ($3), and the little mobility lacing toys also ($3) can be bought in sets so if you’re doing more than one basket that $3 purchase can be spread over roughly 4 baskets! Bang for your buck! The glitter bunnies were also Target dollar section!! Overall each basket cost roughly $8!! I added pictures in below for reference! Both of the stuffings and the final products!! Gift giving is my love language so being able to share my tips with y’all makes my heart so happy!! Let me know what you think!!

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