Birth Blogs. Topic 1: BIRTH PLANS!

Good morning y’all. I hope you’re having a swell Tuesday! If you’re new here, welcome. Glad you tuned in. If you’re a subscriber or frequent reader, thanks for coming back! Today we’re going to dive into birth plans as topic one of this series! What is a birth plan? You might ask. A birth plan is just that! A plan for your birth. Now, this is not saying what you plan is going to happen exactly the way you plan it. That would be silly to think like that! But it is a guideline for how you would like your birth to unfold and which steps to take if obstacles arise. For instance, if you planned to have a completely natural home birth but the baby is breech or other complications arose, having your birth plan in place would let your caregiver now what next steps to take best suited for you and your partner. This more often than not, eases the stress of feeling like you have to make an in the moment decision. With all this being said, for new moms especially, the idea of writing a birth plan can seem daunting. It is not the easiest thing to think through all worst case scenarios and have plausible courses of actions for each. That is why it is SO important to hire a doula! As a doula, I would be there to not only guide you through writing your birth plan but to ease your worry come labor and delivery time. If we’ve dove into this ahead of time, come anything that happens in delivery, I as your doula would remind and coach you through your plan. While making sure your doctor or caregiver is on board with your needs and wants for what is safest and best for baby. I want the takeaway from this blog, not to be scary or worrisome but to be one of excitement and readiness for what is to come! Birth plans are honestly one of my favorite parts of planning for labor, it’s where I get to dive into all things crafting (no one said a birth plan had to be boring) and begin to set the tone and environment for which your little bundle will be brought earthside in. It’s an amazing journey. Thank you for sticking around to read as we travel through topics over the course of this series♥️

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