57 reasons & counting 💛

Don’t think you need a doula for your pregnancy, labor and birth? Think again…here are just *some* reasons why you do!

1. Someone to advocate for what YOU want out of your birth experience

2. A hand to hold

3. A shoulder to cry on

4. A hug for reassurance

5. New knowledge on all things technique and birth

6. Breathing strategies

7. A less painful labor

8. A more focused labor

9. Less chance of medical interference

10. Someone to answer all your non medical questions

11. A new perspective

12. A different perspective

13. Someone to capture every memory from the birth itself

14. Someone to check in on you

15. Someone to wipe the sweat off your brow

16. A birth ball to ease labor

17. Essential oils to save the day

18. Different stretches to progress labor naturally

19. Massages that can do the same

20. Someone who knows what’s coming next

21. to help you write up your birth plan

22. Reassurance

23. Tough love

24. Extra love

25. To take the stress of planning off of you

26. Offer differ positions for birth

27. Better Communication between you and the doctor

28. Supporting the mothers partner so they can better support the momma

29. Research

30. Comfort

31. Emotional support

32. Physical support

33. Continuously

34. Reduced use of pitocin

35. Less statistics of interventions

36. Less requests for epidural

37. Unbiased support

38. Did I mention support???? Again. ALL KINDS OF SUPPORT

39. Nourishes mom and dad

40. Takes pressure off

41. Less likely to have a c-section

42. More spontaneous births

43. Laboring at home

44. Shorter overall labor times

45. Stats support doulas

46. A doula can literally be your living breathing birth plan

47. Lowers the intensity of birth

48. Can keep you protected during birth against unwanted visitors or observers

49. Because you deserve the best birth

50. Because you should be able to focus on just you and your baby

51. Because birth is NATURAL, and a doula helps your body do its job

52. Company for when contractions seem endless


54. Compassion

55. Care

56. Empathy


58. Help, and lots of it

59. Guidance
And I will end with 60 but the list goes on,

60. Lots and lots of love.
If you are still interested, just know most moms say if they knew what a doula was and did before their births they would have hired one. I’m hoping this reaches you before hand!! Shoot me an email if you’d like to embark on this journey together and congrats on your sweet bundle to be.
Much love,



The Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Doula | Mother Rising


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