Thank You.

Thanksgiving. It’s a day to say thank you. But it’s also a day to remind you to say thank you everyday. I just wanted to take a minute and really soak in the essence of that. Thank you. I want to say thank you Jesus, for almost another year around the sun. For sweet families and tiny humans especially my boys, that I get to pour into. For allowing me to pursue my passion as a career and for getting to touch lives even before they’re earthside. Thank you for sweet friends and family. Thank you for day after day. For the material things of this world that may not be that important but they get the job done. For those who’ve supported me and helped me to grow. And for a sweet sweet bubs that loves me so well. Thank you Jesus. As the holiday season is in full swing…I want to take this time to reflect and say big things are coming for Bump to Babies in 2018. I cannot wait. Hope y’all will stick around for the ride. Much love, M💛

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