Baby Led Weaning Basics! 

Hey hey hey! While we are in the trenches of baby led weaning (BLW) and full on food mess! I wanted to sit down and write this blog post, mostly as a one stop shop for all things we have been LOVING and some things we totally are not ( I am looking at you kale pouches LOL)! Also going to start with linking a checklist of readiness signs to watch for! I will spare you the random mouth vomit of words before the important stuff like many blogs you click on in Pinterest (you know the ones I am talking about HA!!)

Let’s dive in!

First things first, in my professional opinion, a CPR and Infant Choking course is ESSENTIAL.

Here are two virtual ones I recommend:

Tiny Hood:

Tiny Hearts Education:

Now with that said, here are some signs of readiness and as always be sure to consult with your pediatrician!

-Six months of age
-Sitting up, mostly unassisted
-Good head control
-Ability to pick up objects and bring them to their mouths
Got those? You are good to go!

We personally worked closely with our pedi because with Levi’s tongue tie issue, we wanted to make sure he was extra ready. Helped to ease my anxiety in knowing that he wouldn’t be at a higher risk for choking!
We then chose to start with avocado, being that is a low allergen risk food and a fan favorite usually!  
Fun Fact, Levi is actually the fourth baby I will walk through BLW with and it still feels like the first time every baby. Good to be extra prepared either way.
We plan to introduce foods exactly like we eat them, and ease into the higher allergen foods (as always consult with your pedi and remember that doing what is best for your family is what is best for you!) Our hopes for doing baby led weaning with Levi is that there will be more meal time independence, a wider palette and no pressure when it comes to eating! We also want to instill the importance of family meals and connecting around the dinner table. I cannot wait to make these memories with him!

Okay now. Let us talk products, because there are a TON on the market and you really do not need a ton. For instance, BIBS are adorable and while we love our Bella Tunno ones, we hardly ever use one because food is messy, so stripping down is our preferred way to go!
So here we go!

Let’s start with the high chair since that is where the sitting to eat will happen!
We personally have the IKEA Antilop high chair BUT this chair alone does not have the proper support and positioning for baby posture! SO with that being said we got some add ons…from YEAH BABY GOODS. We have the placemat, chair cushion and cover, foot rest and leg wraps! Leg wraps are more for the look of the chair, but everything else is needed for proper positioning and support! Will link below!

High Chair:


We also have the Inglesina High Chair and tray for travel, restaurants and just overall convenience of on the go! This high chair however is not ideal for full time use, as it does not have a foot rest!

Next up, utensils cups and plates!

We love all things EZPZ baby!
They are the best (in my personal and professional opinion) for a developing babe!

Here are links to the mini cup, bowl, spoon set and plate with placement!



Spoon Set:

We also by recommendation of @carriethenanny on instagram have tried the NUM NUM PreSpoon and are loving that as well!
It is currently out of stock in stores and on their website but I found it on amazon! Linked Below!

And then tried and true our munchkin cups! Levi prefers the straw so far, but we also love the munchkin 360 cup and are biased for the whale print!

Straw Cup:

360 (both plain and printed):

Some other things to note when starting BLW is to cut the food in strips and use your finger a rule of thumb!

I am starting to ramble and sorry for going a million and two directions BUT just trying to keep all my thoughts in one place!

I also wanted to list out some of my favorite accounts for recipe ideas, tips, tricks and all around BLW in general! They can all be found on instagram!


Starting solids is an exciting time but it is also an overwhelming time and I just wanted to put this blog post together as a quick little pit stop on your journey! As always, here for any questions you may have! Feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram or email at

Thanks for following along!!


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