My word for 2019.

Rest. That’s my word for 2019. I need it if I’m being honest.

Looking back on 2018, I’d say my word was Hustle. I busted my butt and achieved more than I could’ve ever imagined. Bump to Babies grew beyond words, I aced my Newborn Care Specialist exam, published my first book,helped bring babies into the world, moved states, the list goes on. But what the world didn’t see… was the endless hours of tears, the less than 4 hours of sleep a night, the doubt, failure and the frustration, that list goes on too. So this year I’m choosing rest, rest in the Lord and rest in my bed (ha ha ha hopefully). To set silly goals and meet them.

Ask anyone who knows me…I spent 2018 on the phone for the most part, immersed in all things Bump to Babies, from tending to mamas, to booking photography clients to pumping out my favorite series to date “Birth Blogs”. This was on top of working full time with the sweetest boys. I never “rested”. My idea of rest was a quick coffee and snow cone by myself to answer emails alone. L O L. I’m serious though.

Fast forward a few months into the year and I was still juggling everything… on top of finishing my last of eight certifications and going to take my NCS (newborn care specialist) exam. {I aced it thank Jesus but it was still nerve wrecking and marked a temporary end to my schooling (for now)} when in the midst…Austin asked me to move to Louisiana to end our two years of long distance. I laughed in his face y’all. I said “there was no way”, “I had too much on my plate”, “it would never work”

Fast forward a month to July when he asked me again and this time told me to trust God and let the pieces fall. I couldn’t imagine leaving my family or my boys…that was my first thought. My second was all about the logistics of it all…job, house, bills, etc. but nevertheless, God provided it all and within the month I was moved into a new state and starting a new dream job, I got super blessed with an amazing new family and tiny humans and lucky y’all. Still not really resting though.

The last six months of 2018 flew by, I got settled into my new town (with the help of my sweet Bubs and precious friends), started with a new family (they’re beyond amazing),photographed the Big Latch On, worked with the sweetest pregnancy care center, met new moms and seemingly and seamlessly not only rebuilt but grew my small business in a new city and state. I also published my first book with the help of a sweet friend/ illustrator. I also helped more mamas and babies and even surprise delivered one all by myself (so flipping surreal still). OH and I became the Vice President of the North Louisiana breast feeding coalition (pumped about this…pun intended)!! To wrap up 2018, I didn’t rest (shocked? I’m not)…I sent off galleries and reflected. The past year was a dream in so many ways. I grew. I cried (a lot). I laughed. I got angry. I learned patience. I was loved. But I didn’t rest. My Fitbit and Bubs “yelled at me” weekly to sleep more and not be such a “workaholic”…I prefer the term passionate hahah but still.

Here’s to a new year. One full of rest. Rest in the Lord and finding rest in this world.

My goals include to run more, be gentle on myself, smile more, giggle often and love always. Oh and maybe fold my clothes more frequently 🤷🏼‍♀️

Cheers to an amazing year in 2018 for Bump and business.

Here’s to a kinder year on myself. Much rest included.

Thank you for listening to a bit of my heart.

Love always,


PS: enjoy a handful of the sweet pictures I got to capture this year. Some more can be found by clicking on the lookbook tab 📸PPS: thank you to @lettersforluv for capturing my word so beautifully ♥️

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