Ten Fingers. Ten Toes. Two Wings.

*trigger warning* for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or infant loss. Sending you extra hugs and prayers on this day of remembrance.

Dear sweet parents of mine down below,

You love each other so. You found out one sweet day when you saw two blue lines that your ducks would soon be in a row. You prayed for me and you shopped for me. You already loved me so. You picked paint colors for my nursery, fussed over which registry to start. You started calling each other mommy and daddy. The OBGYN and midwives giggled at y’all from the start.

Then one day, things went kind of awry. Not one person could say why. No one had the right words. Not one of us was ready for that bitterness of goodbye. Now I know emotions took a ride. Oh sweet parents of mine, you cried for me. You grieved for me and you questioned everyday. Still there was never that definite why.

I myself don’t have the answers but today I want to say.

Maybe the rainbows have more meaning, maybe the breeze hugs you tight, and one day when we meet again the little things will seem more than alright. One day you’ll kiss my toes, up above the clouds, one day you’ll hold my fingers and I’ll make sweet such sweet sounds.

oh parents of mine, your journey has not been easy. But when you remember me? I hope you remember I got ten fingers, ten toes and two little wings. A little extra more to love. Although, two wings may seem a little wonky, I know it to be true. For these two wings wrap around you. They hold you tight when things seem too tough to bear. They stand alongside you, when the days are long. Oh sweet parents of mine just remember you are strong. I love you so. Until we meet again, remember I’m smiling down on you and can’t wait to remind you of these sweet things.

I love you from afar, I’m sorry our journey ended before certain things, but always remember the story of my two little wings.

I love you.

Your little Angel Baby👼🏼

In honor of the sweet parents who gave birth to sleeping babies, the ones who lost theirs too soon, the ones who grieve while waiting for their rainbows, and the ones so much stronger than we know. This special day we honor you. This post is also in partnership with Cross My Heart Stitching to give back to the mamas who need a little extra love. Use code BUMPSTOHEARTS10 for a precious discount.

Much love,

Bump to Babies

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