First Days of School

Hi there y’all! It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to a close and kiddos are packing up their back packs headed into a new school year.

As a nanny this is one of my favorite times of year. I love the fresh excitement and the love of learning and home work that has not yet wore off. It makes my heart happy to hear about the new friends made and the teachers they adore.

I think we all could live without the hassle of carseats and car pool lines with five minutes to spare but still. I digress. I write today to share my helpful hints at surviving first days.

Here they are…

1. Coffee

That’s it. The end. Seriously. That’s all I got.

just kidding. kind of…

1. Coffee

2. A schedule: plan to leave the house at the same time everyday and get into a routine. It makes things easier on you as well as your small student…if they know what to expect it sends them into their day prepared and ready to learn

3. That being said, same thing goes when they come home. Designated homework time is a must.

4. Love on your littles and let them be little. School is so much stimulation and new information (hey who needs dr Seuss when I can rhyme like that🤷🏼‍♀️) so when they get home give them some time to regroup

5. Not all kids learn the same. Over the years I’ve taken course after course about how kiddos learn best and how best to cultivate the environment they need to thrive…learn your kiddos learning language and help them grow.

6. Feed what they’re passionate about and get involved with it! Are they non stop talking about cars? Make math car themed…etc.

7. First days are tough and the year only gets tougher…ice cream helps.

8. Snuggles. Makes all days not just first days the best

9. Snacks (I think I mentioned this already I’m hungry ok geesh) but really snacks while doing homework keeps them focused longer

10. Capture the moment. Build them up. Get excited over the little things.

These are just some tips off the top of my noggin, I’ll write more about this as the year goes on…but today I’m extra thankful for being a nanny and getting to live in the first days. Makes this nanas heart swell.

Happy fall y’all. (Too soon?)



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