It’s a little out of the ordinary and not my usual type of post but bear with me!! In efforts of being transparent and open with each of y’all it is worth me putting on here!

I’m about to brag on this man right here first. I am constantly in awe of him and have watched as he has faithfully served as Chaplin for LA Tech BYX, for roughly the last year. He is continuously answering the call of the Lord and taking faith leaps. AND YALL. GOD IS GOOD. BECAUSE This summer he had the privilege of being selected to serve as the KSM’s summer intern. I am so giddy. HES COMING HOMEEEEEE (for a few months anyways so suck it long distance haha) He is going to be the best with the kiddos he gets to impact and I ask y’all to join with me to lift him up in prayer as he embarks in this. I know the Lord chose him for the best reasons. Excited to see how it plays out. ♥️

ALSO! If you’re still reading, I am set to complete my training for becoming a NEWBORN CARE SPECIALIST!! (BIG WOOO HOO) I am set for the (June) Austin, TX training and take my state test later that month!! 🎉🎉 BIG PRAYERS for that too!! If you’ve read this far, you’re amazing!!


xoxox, M ♥️

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