Stomping Grounds☕️

If you would ask anyone who knows me what two things I rarely am found without? The answer is usually “her coffee and a kiddo”. So imagine my surprise and glee when I walked into The Stomping Grounds in Katy, TX to get a cup of coffee and realized it’s basically a piece of my heaven in this town. I had never heard of this little shop before but was running errands nearby and am always up to try a new coffee shop, especially when it seems to be a locally owned small business one!! I walked in, and y’all. I did not want to leave. Upon first glance this adorable storefront it looks like a super upscale coffee shop with the most perfect accent colors…but then I turned the corner and OH MY LANTA. Y’all. It is a kid friendly coffee shop. It’s got this huge play place and adorable toddler space, with the perfect amount of viewing and dining for adults. Once I realized this I asked if it was okay if I looked around (and was silently kicking myself for not having any of the kiddos with me, they would have loved it) then realized it just kept getting better. They have party rooms, and upstairs seating to have an eagle eye watch on the play space!! The decor is Joanna Gaines mixed with Tiffany & Co and it spoke my love language. Once I got home I realized that I just had to write about them for Bump to Babies and share this special place with all of y’all! I called the owner up and set up a time to go back and photograph the place (I’ll insert the pictures throughout) and it was even better the second time. The coffee is amazing (and I’m super picky), the staff are some of the sweetest individuals and with the amount of kiddos in there it was surprisingly well sound sectioned off and not unbearably noisy. The other thing I loved is the ability to close out your tab at the end versus like other coffee shops when you have to continually go up and swipe your card if you’re there for a while and wanting a refill or snack. Overall I would give The Stomping Grounds 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for kid friendliness and worth the visit. Another plus? (As if you needed one) they are super reasonably priced and have healthy snack options (&yummy donut holes) for the kiddos as well as a diverse menu so even your most picky child will eat and enjoy themselves!! The Stomping Grounds will for sure be a summer destination you will not want to miss out on! Get your mom groups there, nannies take your littles to meet other kiddos and get social time in! You won’t regret it! Be sure to follow them on social medias: linked below! As well as comment and let me know what you think!

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