New Mom Q&A AND Maggie 💕

This week I wanted to do something a little different. I know as a birth doula I tend to get repetitive and so I wanted to spice it up! I reached out to some new mamas I have had the blessing of connecting with through social media and picked their brains! Also, after you read these sweet mamas responses, my dear friend Maggie Wendt shares how she’s changed her life and how she can HELP you do it too! Make sure to give her a follow (@maggie.wendt) and connect with her if working from home with your babe is something you’re ready for!! Are y’all ready for this?! I am!! Let’s dive in!

To start this post off the Q&A questions were as followed:

1. What was your favorite part of pregnancy and birth?

2. If you could’ve changed one thing about your birth what would it have been and why?

3. Biggest thing you wish someone would’ve told you about having a new born?

4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give new moms?

I want to also say a HUGE thank you to the mamas who participated. I appreciate it beyond words! Second, if you are a new mama and reading this or you are a long time mama and had something you’d like to share feel free to send me an email through the contact tab!

Let’s get started!

First up is:

Savannah (@trauma_mama_ ) :

1. My absolute favorite part of pregnancy was having something so amazing to look forward to.! You have this huge countdown for months and months and there’s so much excitement in the air between you and your spouse and your family. It’s a really magical time and such a rush.

2. My birthing experience was so serene and honestly just the way I dreamt it would be. The exception to that happened post birth. I had an epidural for pain management during labor and ended up having a postdural puncture headache as a side effect. While my birthing experience was nothing short of amazing, the healing after (and the second epidural i had to receive to fix the issue) definitely was not.

3. I wish I would’ve known how much my hormones were going to hit me after birth and how important it is to not only have a spouse to be there for you, but an entire support system if possible. I remember sitting in my daughters room just crying my eyes out for no particular reason, and I felt like I was already asking so much of my husband that i didn’t want to wake him up and bother him. He was 100% supportive of everything and the best man I could ask for, but in that moment it was hard for me to rely on him anymore because I felt like he had already done so much. Thankfully I have a best friend who I was very lucky to be able to call and cry to and she was more than willing to listen. But I feel like more women should be aware of having a “backup” person or more support than you’ll think you need.

4. Trust yourself, and remember things won’t ever be like this again- which is both reassuring and bittersweet.

Then, Melanie A. (@melliemel_arteaga)

1. What was your favorite part of pregnancy and bIrth ?

I’ll never forget the moment I saw the “+” sign on my at home pregnancy test. My husband and I had been having fun for about 3 months and had 2 negative tests prior. I’ll never forget my husbands smile and how we stayed up most of the night talking and wondering about our little baby. I went to the doctor that following Monday and they confirmed I was about 6 weeks pregnant and we saw the tiny little heartbeat! I had a great pregnancy, little nausea in the 1st trimester, burst of energy in the 2nd, and only hip aches in the last trimester. My favorite part of pregnancy was every ultrasound! I felt butterflies every ultrasound appointment because it was like I was going on a blind date!

Labor and delivery was fun because I had just went to the doctor at 37 weeks and she said I looked to comfortable to be going into labor anytime soon. She said I’ll see you next week, well, that night at midnight my water broke! I was so confused because I didn’t know if he just kicked my bladder and I tinkled or if my actual water broke! I woke my husband and I thought, shouldn’t I be in pain if I’m in labor? 20 minutes later I had my first contraction and OMG that pain is no joke! We made our way to the hospital and 5 hours later Noah was placed on my chest and I’ve cried like never before!

2. If you could’ve changed one thing about your birth what would it have been and why?

If I could change anything it would be to deliver vertically rather then in my back. I feel that if I could have delivered that way, he would have entered in less than 5 hours and I could have probably gotten away with pain medication instead of epidural. However, I’ve never been in pain before so I couldn’t say that I could tolerate the pain.

3. Biggest thing you wish someone would’ve told you about having a new born?

I wish someone would have explained to me about the post part I’m experience and how newborns lose 10% of body weight. Unfortunately my postpartum was ruined because my nurse kept hounding me that he was not eating enough and he was losing to much body weight. Yet, I was breastfeeding every hour! Then the pediatrician would say he looked great! I was so confused and let’s not forget my hormones were nuts! Also, I would have done more practice and research on breastfeeding!

4.  What’s one piece of advice you’d give new moms?

I would tell New moms to enjoy the pregnancy but also do the research. Research anything you’re contemplating whether it’s formula, breastfeeding, pumping, diapers, bathing, etc. I thought breastfeeding would come naturally and unfortunately the stress got the better of me. But I would remind expecting new moms  that our little one isn’t going to be exactly like the books and articles, and you’re also not going to be exactly as you thought. You’re getting to know your baby and the baby is learning you. It’s perfectly fine if you feel lost sometimes.

My last word of advice would be that when you feel defeated, look your baby in the eyes, hold him/her close, smell his/her little head and let it come to you!

Then my sweet Maggie. (@maggie.wendt)

1. What was your favorite part of pregnancy and birth?

My birth experience was beautiful! I had so much anxiety my whole pregnancy. Sometimes I would sit and cry and even work myself up to the point of hyperventilating just thinking about what labor/delivery would be like. I do not have a high pain tolerance (like faint if I cut my leg shaving) so I was so incredibly fearful. But it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I had an epidural which really helped me relax (like I couldn’t even stand them checking how dilated I was 😫) so once my epidural kicked in – I started progressing! My mom, dad, and Tyler were in the room (we are so very close to them!) and I will NEVER forget it. The feeling of your child being placed on you is in indescribable feeling and a definite miracle from God.

2. If you could’ve changed one thing about your birth what would it have been and why?

Having a midwife there! Our school district changed insurance 6 months in so I needed to find a new doctor. I was so nervous of the labor/delivery and just in general of what would happen. The doctor I ended up with didn’t have very good bedside manor – nor did he really care about my fears. He was very in personable. 🙄

3. Biggest thing you wish someone would’ve told you about having a new born?

LOL that he was going to be a crazy ballistic baby until 8 months old! We have a very different story. But basically Brooks woke up every 45 min at night until he was 8 months old. Tyler and I each took 4 hour shifts and slept 4 hours at night until he was 8 months old. He screamed all day and night and I just don’t think one could ever be prepared for that. I think in general, I wish I knew more about the emotional strength it would take on ones body after birth.

4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give new moms?

Gosh momma give yourself some grace! Give your significant other grace. Be one big ball of grace! There’s going to be laughter + tears. So cling to the good + when you feel at a loss just know that “this too shall pass.”

Y’all. I hope you enjoyed reading through those responses. They absolutely melted my heart. Before I let you go I want to share with you this last segment. I have watched Maggie’s journey as she’s raised her babe at home WHILE working and changing lives (CRAZY RIGHT?!) she’s basically superwoman. Anyways, here’s a little snippet. If this at all peaks your curiosity. Reach out to her or through the contact tab on my website and we’ll get back to you!! Enjoy💕

Me: Hey Maggie! After you answer these questions do you mind sharing a snippet of what it looks like to work from home and raise your little man??

Maggie: As a health + wellness coach I help women complete nutrition and fitness programs to achieve their health, fitness, and happiness goals.

I also lead others on how to create their own health and wellness business from supporting and encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle.

This work at home opportunity has completely transformed my life in more ways than one. From creating consistency in my own health and fitness journey, to filling my life with passion and purpose again, to creating financial freedom to my growing family – I feel so blessed to be able to call this my job, while still raising my son at home.

~She’s amazing right?!~ I think so!! I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed reading this weeks post. Tune in next week as we journey along! 💕



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