Birth Blogs by Bump to Babies🤰🏼🤱🏼

As the New Year approaches, I have thought about how I want to dive into it and spread my knowledge and heart on all things bumps to babies (while reaching the most mamas.) I slacked (if I’m honest) towards the end of 2017 with keeping up with this blog. So this year I am going to be more intentional with each post and have one up at least once a week. The first series will kick off titled “Birth Blogs” and start off as just an all things birth series! The topics will range week to week and my prayer and hope by the end of it, is that there will be enough readers to begin a readers choice section. My goal is for this to lead to new conversations. These blogs will also be tailored towards each area of birth and all things pregnancy. As a doula, I want to provide as much support and knowledge as possible. I hope through this journey , not only will questions be answered, but relationships will be built or strengthened and the world of birth will be a lot less intimating. Ready for this year. Let’s see where the adventure leads us. Make sure to subscribe to this blog and follow @bumptobabies on twitter and Instagram for updates and blurbs!



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